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Roxy has spent the last 6 years teaching a variety of fire workshops to professional performers, thrill seekers, and budding pyromaniacs in Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Known for her hilarious and EXTREMELY informative and safety-focused teaching style, Roxy has developed a strong and beloved following of "Baby Dragons" throughout the Southeastern United States. Roxy draws from her 11+ years of professional belly dance experience to create and teach performances that are as dynamic as they are dazzling and visually appealing.  She is currently the ONLY instructor offering and actively teaching several belly dance fire disciplines, so her workshops are typically quite popular and are attended by dancers of all levels wishing to master fire performance.


*Intro to Belly Dance w/ FIRE!

*Intro to Belly Dance w/ Candle Tray

*Intro to Fire Eating and Fleshing

*Intermediate Fire Eating: Vapor Pull Tricks!

*Fire Eating Performance (w/partner tricks)

*KILLER Fire Fans for Dancers and Performers

*Fire Fans: Let's get TECHnical!

*Fire Fan Choreography

*Intro to Sliding Fire Orb

*Duo Sliding Fire Orb Choreography

*Intro to Fire Hip Belt

*Intro to Fire Sword


Interested in booking Roxy for workshops? Click here to contact her, or e-mail her directly at

"I hired Maddie (Roxy) to teach a fire-eating class as a bachelorette party for a friend who was getting married. Long story short, this was pretty much the most bad ass bachelorette any of us had ever attended, and it's all thanks to Maddie! She's outgoing, fun, and an incredible teacher. We all had a blast learning fire tricks. Best part? Maddie's incredibly focused on safety, and making sure no one is pushed past their comfort zone. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience, Maddie!! "

-Ainsley J.

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