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Tour Dates 2020 COMing soon!!!!


Previous Tour Dates:


March 5: Roxy Performs with Balefire at the 1 Year Anniversary Party for Medusa Lounge and Night Club in Atlanta, GA.

March 17: Roxy performs with Balefire at the Neon Circus event at BJ Roosters in Atlanta, GA.

May 13: Roxy Teaches 2 Workshops in Meridian, MS! "Intro to Sliding Fire Orb" and "Intro to Fire Eating" as part of Shimmy Mob 2017!

May 18: Roxy performs with Petite Jamilla's Hawaiian Dance Troupe at Multicultural Day at Ross Bridge Resort & Spa in Birmingham, AL

May 28: Betty's Graduation party (private performance) in McDougnah, GA

June 3: Nightclub performance with BALEFIRE!

June 17: Performance with BALEFIRE at Tiki Hut in Hilton Head, SC!

August 19-20: FIRE Workshops in Ocean Springs, MS! For more info, go to:



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