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Who is Renegade Roxy?

Renegade Roxy is the fan-spinning, sword-weilding, fire-eating alter ego of Maddie, an Atlanta Professional Belly Dancer. For years, Maddie dazzled restaurant and night club audiences with her gravity-defying tray of candles performance. But in 2012, her curiosity about fire performance and desire to expand her performance repertoire led her to Louisville, KY for Snow Flow Festival. There, she learned fire eating from FLOW master Jordan Dundich, and took classes with fire fan legend Grimm Zimmer. Since that weekend, Maddie's passion for fire performance has been unquenchable. She took the stage name "Renegade Roxy," and has made a name for herself at Atlanta's Heavy Metal Fire & Sideshow Entertainer.


Joining forces with dance parter Nikki Nuke'm, Atlanta's Blonde Atomic Bombshell, the two of them are becoming one of the Southeast's most popular and sought-after Freak Show and Fire acts. A life-long fan of rock and heavy metal music, Roxy loves performing to the musical stylings of such legends as Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Accept, Twisted Sister, KISS, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and more! With a head full of blonde hair, blue eyes, curves for days, crazy facial expressions, attitude (and energy) to spare, and an arsenal of killer fire prop performances, Renegade Roxy is an artist to look out for in the years to come.

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